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GSS TBL S-LCA Benefits

There are many benefits of a TBL S-LCA:

  • Benefits for Consumers
  • Benefits for Retailers
  • Benefits for Distributors
  • Benefits for Manufacturers
  • Benefits for New Product Developers
  • Benefits for Investors
  • Benefits for CPAs

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GSS TBL S-LCA Functions

This describes the functions of the GSS Standards-based TBL LCA.

  • Choose which parts of the Triple Bottom Line you want to work with. Change weights to zero for those metrics you do not want to compare.
  • Add custom metrics by request - all of your team can now be included in your decision-making and development tracking processes 

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GSS TBL S-LCA Features

This describes some of the main features of the GSS TBL LCA.

  • we specialize in and evaluate products and services via multivariate comparative decision-making
  • multiple product / item comparison
  • multiple SDS/MDS/MSDS mixes -- and environmental impact calculations
  • create your own customized process metrics
  • data entry screens automatically created, or use batch update to load your .csv data files to your own custom specs
  • multiple graphical output formats
  • measure and optimize your entire "chain" of operations, from supply chains to delivery chains

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Frequently asked questions


How do you define "sustainability"?

Many people get stuck by what seems to be this "simple" question.

You can travel along many pathways to discover dozens of different definitions and metrics that purport to show what the term "sustainable" means.

For example, there are over 400 different business "associations" that deal with sustainability in their markets...

Does the definition include:

  • metrics meant for consumers? business? government? a combination?
  • does the definition's timeline address people-based systems?
  • is there an aspect of the definition that addresses natural capital (planetary/ecological) systems?
  • how does the definition address the human cultural and value system that is using it?

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This is a sample SLCA. What does a SLCA do?

SLCAs (or Sustainability Life Cycle Analysis) review, reveal and display a lot of common questions about your product, service, organization, or community. You get to choose how much or how little you wish to reveal to the world.

SLCAs allow your prospective clients, existing clients, employees, managers, investors and governments to quickly find answers to their questions without consuming your time.

To create SLCAs, click Contact and let us know that you're ready to Get Started Now.



What does Green Star Standard do?

Green Star Standard is an "analytics" company.

We began as a company committed to "Saving Our Planet". That commitment and vision remains.

As we traveled down many rabbit holes and warrens, we found that to create an active, exciting business model, we learned that the hardest problems required knowledge and wisdom that was not obvious nor easily available.

Once humans have more than 3 things to contrast and compare in their head, they lose track, and must resort to spreadsheets, other people's opinions (A.K.A. marketing or propaganda), or their own accumulated survival "experience".

Green Star Standard Makes Complex Choices Easy.

By allowing humans to contrast and compare 2 or more things at a time, Green Star Standard really begins to shine when you have to compare 4 or more things simultaneously. If you have the data, whether quantitative and/or qualitative, for 2 or more type of comparisons, then you are an ideal person, company or government for using one or more of the Green Star Standard products or services!

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