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GSS TBL S-LCA Benefits

There are many benefits of a TBL S-LCA:

  • Benefits for Consumers
  • Benefits for Retailers
  • Benefits for Distributors
  • Benefits for Manufacturers
  • Benefits for New Product Developers
  • Benefits for Investors
  • Benefits for CPAs

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GSS TBL S-LCA Functions

This describes the functions of the GSS Standards-based TBL LCA.

  • Choose which parts of the Triple Bottom Line you want to work with. Change weights to zero for those metrics you do not want to compare.
  • Add custom metrics by request - all of your team can now be included in your decision-making and development tracking processes 

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GSS TBL S-LCA Features

This describes some of the main features of the GSS TBL LCA.

  • we specialize in and evaluate products and services via multivariate comparative decision-making
  • multiple product / item comparison
  • multiple SDS/MDS/MSDS mixes -- and environmental impact calculations
  • create your own customized process metrics
  • data entry screens automatically created, or use batch update to load your .csv data files to your own custom specs
  • multiple graphical output formats
  • measure and optimize your entire "chain" of operations, from supply chains to delivery chains

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Optimizing Profits, Serving People & Protecting the Planet:

Green Star Standard provides custom profit-friendly, environmental-friendly and people-friendly (TBL) and (SLCA) product and service evaluations.

Becoming a Green Star Standard client gives you the opportunity to:

  • Maximize the value of your data & assets
  • Accelerate learning
  • Uncover new & innovative ways to optimize your business processes & profits
  • Collaborate with your peers and community

Enjoy the Green Star Standard Products and Services below:

  • Green Best Buys
    • This comparison engine uses the Green Star Standard data comparisons on info we've found on the Internet, and present to you in a new way. Enjoy this tool as you
      • compare vehicles (emissions, horsepower, miles per gallon, and MSRP)
      • evaluate fast food,
      • and much, much more to come
    • Membership Plans:
      • Individual - Monthly
      • Individual - Annual and
      • Team plans
  • Shop Smart Success Club
    • Enjoy this tool as you create your own metrics, database, and comparisions
      • compare horses,
      • evaluate your fantasy draft,
      • and much, much more
    • Membership Plans:
      • Individual - Monthly
      • Individual - Annual and
      • Team plans
  • Planetary LCA Accounting System
  • GSS Consulting
    • Need help with your special needs?  Ask Green Star Standard for help with your unique circumstances.
    • Let us help you with your GRI (Global Reporting Initiative for Sustainability).
  • GSS Training Options
    • In-Person Classes
      • Studies have proven students achieve maximum retention through hands-on repetition. In our small classes, you will learn an operation through a series of short lectures followed by hands-on practice of the skills presented.
    • LIVE Online Training
      • Our LIVE Online web based training classes offer you the ability to receive high quality, expert led training that is interactive, convenient and affordable. Connect from anywhere - home, work or the cottage.
    • Custom Training
      • Custom classes can provide significant savings and can be held at your location or any of our office locations.  For special training needs, we can also customize a class just for you to optimize your training investment.
    • Self-Paced eLearning
      • Find the answers to your engineering software questions quickly, efficiently, and at your own pace 24x7 with our user-friendly online portal, ProductivityNOW.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
--R Buckminster Fuller